Rental Management

Develop your property portfolio, without the hassle of management

* Subject to conditions

We have a %-based rate

No results, no fees On the event that the tenant defaults on a payment (unpaid rent, disputes, etc) there will never be a minimum charge. Sliding charges for owners of multiple properties.

Your costs associated with management and inappropriate decisions are often more than the cost of a professional management service provider.

Your property deserves customised attention!
Because each owner is different, and each property has its unique characteristics


We are specialists in the management of all types of residential property, houses and apartments, including furnished accommodation.

However we also manage large professional property portfolios, such as offices, shops and semi-industrial properties.

We have broadened our skill-set to include the apart-hotel concept and co-living accommodation.

We are based in Brussels, Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant, Namur and Hainaut.

In all cases, the costs will be borne by the owner. However, it maybe that the tenant is liable and in this case, after having carried out the work, we will take responsibility for reclaiming the amount invoiced.

When the tenant leaves the property, we systematically carry out a departure inventory and debit, from the guarantee, the compensation charge equivalent to the cost of repairing any damages. We will then oversee the necessary repair work.

We would like you to know that we consider this to be a very important point in the management cycle that you entrust us with. We are here to protect your interests.

Tenants can inform us if any problem arises very easily, either by phone or by email. This allows us to take action quickly. We take every effort to resolve problems in the next working day.

If the cost of repairs exceeds the amount determined together beforehand, we will send you a quote or an authorisation request in due form.

The tenant is given an emergency number, available 24/7. Firstly, we will try to assess how urgent the problem is and how to resolve it by phone. In the vast majority of cases, this approach suffices, and saves you the cost of calling out
emergency repair services.

No. We believe that this would constitute an unforgivable conflict of interests. It is our duty to defend your interests to the best of our abilities. As professional managers of apartment buildings and thanks to the large number of orders places with a pool of carefully-selected businesses, we inevitably enjoy negotiating power, the benefits we pass on to you in their entirety.

We cannot guarantee the creditworthiness and reliability of a tenant. This is a considerable risk that is inherent to property investment.

This is why RealtyCare requests a complete file from candidate-tenants.

It is commonly accepted that gross rent (including charges) should not represent more than 33% of net, fixed, regular income. Candidates are systematically
required to complete a detailed application file that you can find under the “Tenant’ tab. We also require copies of their ID card, work contract, payslips…

In the event that the rent has not been paid within 5 days of the scheduled date, the tenant is immediately called by telephone and a follow-up procedure is implemented. Within 12 days, a first reminder is sent be recorded delivery post, if payment is not forthcoming, a recorded delivery letter with formal notice follows. Simultaneously to these formalities, we continue to apply “pressure” by phone.

In the event of non-reaction, we proceed, with the owner’s agreement, to prosecution before the competent courts. In this final instance, you are free to choose your legal representative. However, we have come to an arrangement with a number of legal firms so that you can benefit
from preferential rates.

A monthly statement will be sent to you clearly showing all income (rent, charges) and all expenses paid (energy bills, insurance premiums, co-ownership charges,…) , and the balance to be paid to you. This balance will be paid into your private bank account at the end of each month.

At the end of the year, you will receive a precise and detailed report on the overall management of the property over the period.

However, you can of course get in touch with us at any time to get an update. Total transparency is part of our commitment.

We can pay all the bills associated with your property on your behalf. Whether it is insurance charges, electricity or water bills, maintenance, credit… On condition, of course, that there is sufficient liquidity in your funds.

Our guiding motto is to guarantee your total tranquillity. As such, our teams are required to keep your data confidential, unless you request otherwise.

When we accept the mission to manage your property, it is on the premise that a trusting relationship exists between us. You have every right to expect the best from us for the valorisation of your property. It is our duty to satisfy you to best of our abilities.

We understand outsourcing the management of your property as a desire on your part to find a little more peace and quiet and to sleep calmly at night. This is key aspect of our mission.

RealtyCare is probably one of the only agencies in Belgium to concentrate exclusively on the management of property belonging to an investor owner. We consider the management of residential accommodation to be a profession in itself, with no room for improvisation. The job is demanding,onerous and specialised. We do not intend to spread ourselves too thinly across the various property-related professions. The management of private properties is and will remain our job!

We have been in the profession since 1995 and have know-how and professional conscience that is recognised by our peers. We are sure that your property will benefit from it.

In terms of rental management, our fees vary based on a percentage calculated on the rents, only if they are actually collected.

Concerning the letting, our service covers all the costs of advertising, displays, visits, possible use of estate agencies,… and represents the equivalent of one month of rent (excl.VAT).

We guarantee total transparency in terms of our fees. Under no circumstances will your receive an invoice that differs from what has been previously agreed.

Our fees are not the lowest on the market, but reflect the quality of our services. We are certain that we offer
added value by exclusively concentrating our activities around the property management business.

Our ambition is to position ourselves as an irreproachable manager in our owner/tenant relations, in maintaining the quality of the property, and in complete transparency in terms of accounts and administration.

We are convinced of the efficacy of the “No cure No pay” approach. In the event that the tenant defaults on
a payment (unpaid rent, litigation, etc.), there will never be a minimum charge or fees.

Our motivation is the optimisation of your rental income, our remuneration will be calculated on the basis of the results achieved.

Yes, one of our mottoes is responsiveness. After a meeting to cover all the decisive elements in effective management, we can be operational within 24 hours.